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Pure Electric High Pressure Road Flushing Truck Q9E


Q9E pure electric high-pressure flushing truck is mainly used for road cleaning, garden greening and spraying pesticides, at the same time, it can wash dirt on the ground, garbage cans, wall advertising labels and street teeth dirt lamps. The water tank has a dosing port. Pesticides can be added proportionally and sprayed by high-pressure water gun. The manual work can be completed in 20 minutes.


●Electric operation, low cost.Suitable for vehicle lane flushing, road maintenance.

●The water tank has large capacity, long sustainable operation time and high efficiency.

●The machine is equipped with adjustable sprinkler angle device and adjustable sprinkler angle device.

●High-pressure water gun equipped in the car can clean the garbage cans and fruit cartons.

●Equipped with multi-functional combination front high-pressure cleaning device to meet customers'various cleaning needs;

●Equipped with cleaning car and high-pressure washing site, easy to clean stubborn stains on the road surface.

Voltage/Rated Power72V/12.5KW
Drive power7.5KW
Sweep width>12m
Maximum speed35km/h 
Turning radius<5m
Pump flow30L/min
Pump pressure0-20Mpa
Maximum Gradability30%
Minimum Braking Distance<5m
Tank Capacity1200L
Net Weight1920kg
All parameters could be customerized according the acctual using
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