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Pure Electric Compactor Refuse Collection Truck Y48E


Y48 pure electric compressed refuse collection truck adopts combined control of electro-hydraulic system, which ensures the accuracy, reliability and high efficiency of each mechanism. The chamber has good sealing property, which can effectively avoid secondary pollution in waste collection and transportation, and can automatically unload materials. It is suitable for garbage collection and refurbishment in industrial parks, large factories, mines, Street Districts

Voltage/Rated Power72V/9KW
Drive power7.5KW
Maximum speed35km/h
Turning radius<7m
Maximum Gradability>30%
Minimum Braking Distance<5m
Operation Range>100km
Box volume3.7m³
Compression ratio1:2
Curb quality1690 kg
Total quality2800kg
All parameters could be customerized according the acctual using
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