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All-electric Manually-steered Floor Scrubber X9


X9 pure electric driving floor scrubber has high stability and durability, suitable for various types of ground cleaning tasks. Can cooperate with different brushes, cleaning pads and other accessories to meet different types of ground cleaning needs, but also suitable for industrial ground, such as: large logistics warehouses, production workshops.


●Import front-end system with superior performance.

●Standard equipped with skid-proof and trackless tires, the braking system can deal with inclined ground calmly.

●The wiper rake can swing when it encounters obstacles. Through the smooth passage of the collision wheel, the safety of the equipment and the surrounding facilities is ensured.

●Intelligent water induction system, fully protect brush disc and water absorption system.

Technical ParametersX9
Maximum Work Productivity7000㎡/h
Scrubbing Width1250mm
Disk Brush Diameter460mm*2
Voltage/Rated Power36V/3200W
Operation Duration>4h
Forward Speed0-6km/h
Clear Water Tank/Sewage Tank Capacity150/185L
Net Weight/Gross Weight540/690kg

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