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Electrical Road Sweeper Machine S22


S22 electric closed road sweeper is an all-weather outdoor sweeper with novel shape and excellent performance. It can save time and reduce labor costs for users. It is easy to maintain and operate. It effectively improves the efficiency of road sweeping and meets the requirements of road cleaning. It is suitable for factory area, dusty area and municipal sanitation. Road cleaning, such as roads, factories and mines, urban sanitation system and Airport Tourist attractions.


●Electric operation, no noise, no emissions, low cost.

●The whole vehicle adopts all-steel bracket chassis and metal cab, which is easy to clean and maintain.

●Four disc brushes are arranged symmetrically in the front and middle of the machine, with rolling brushes in the middle and wide cleaning range.

●The side brush adopts spraying dust-removing device, and the whole vehicle cleaning system meets the dual effects of dust-removing and dust-removing.

●Intelligent charging and long continuous operation time;

●The garbage bin has a larger capacity and is more efficient than other electric sweepers.

●Independent vehicle suspension system, driving stability is stronger.

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