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Airuite New Energy Vehicle After-sales Service 

Anhui Erite New Energy Special Vehicle Co.,Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as ART) is able to provide users with efficient service while providing high-quality products.ART provides systematic training for sales and service personnel on electric vehicle products,establishes corresponding processes for parts supply,claim processing,information feedback,vehicle product recall,vehicle and parts (such as batteries) recycling,customer relationship management,and organizes and implements them.

With the help of the powerful after-sales e-commerce system,ART builds files for each electric vehicle,tracks the use of the vehicle in time,and establishes a quality information feedback mechanism for the design and quality departments to input relevant information in time.At the same time,it feeds back relevant information to users,so as to make users feel at ease and comfortable in buying.

Specific measures and contents are as follows (Check User Service Manual for details):

I.Quality Assurance

ART guarantees that the electric drive system,steering power system,power battery system,auxiliary power system and high voltage integrated power supply system are all original packaging of the original factory,which meets the relevant national standards or industry standards for automotive products,as well as the factory inspection standards,and provides product technical information (including product instructions,product certificates and service manuals,etc.)

II.After-sales Service Contents

1.If the system fails during the warranty period,after receiving the user's application for repair,service personnel can be arranged to repair the system at home to ensure the normal operation of the system.

2.When the warranty period is in conformity with the relevant warranty provisions,the relevant maintenance costs shall be borne by ART

3.ART can provide paid service to users when they need to purchase spare parts or repair or maintain when they are out of warranty or do not meet the relevant warranty requirements.

4.Visit users regularly,listen to users'opinions and suggestions,solve users' practical problems and meet customers'needs to the greatest extent.

III.User Training

ART can provide users with various maintenance training and guidance,training content can be selected:electric vehicle operation,battery pack and supporting control system maintenance,high-voltage integrated power supply system maintenance and charging technology.

IV.Maintenance Response Time

During the warranty period,if the product breaks down,Erite can respond within 2 hours after receiving the user's request for repair.

V.Provision of Warranty Period

1.Vehicle Quality Assurance:From the date of purchase,the vehicle quality assurance period is 3 years/100,000 kilometers,whichever arrives first.

2.Quality Assurance of Key Components:Power Battery,Driving Motor and Vehicle Controller are 5 years/200,000 kilometers (whichever arrives first).The warranty period of other parts is detailed in the User Service Manual.

6.Handling of Product Defects,Quality,Safety and Environmental Protection

1.During the warranty period,if product defects are found and affect the normal use of users,ART will repair the defective products and replace the corresponding spare parts free of charge.

2.During the warranty period,if joint and several liability arises from product defects or quality problems,ART will pay compensation accordingly in accordance with relevant provisions or agreements.

3.When the power battery system reaches its service life,ART can provide the service of battery system replacement and recovery for a fee.


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